1. Services

Payroll outsourcing

  • Payroll management
      ASPL through its HR Coordinator administers all the HR and Payroll activities:
    • Pre Hiring Checks
    • Issuance of appointment letter
    • Monthly salary disbursement
    • Salary Increment database, Timely payment of bonuses & rewards
    • Processing of Expense Accounts, Travel Advances, Overtimes and Emergency loan advance requests
    • By employees
    • Processing of new contracts
    • Registration with group, health insurance and EOBI
    • Preparation of Income Tax Projections
    • Providing a Focal Point for employees to cater to their queries

  • Legal Formalities
    • Government Mandatory Compliances like
    • Income Tax
    • EOBI
    • Professional Tax.
    • Management of HR and Payroll activities are done as per State and Local legislation. Monthly salary is disbursed in the last week of the month. To facilitate the employee, Income Tax calculations based on projected salary for the year are prepared at the beginning of the financial year. Based on these projections regular deductions are made and deposited with the Tax authorities. End of the Year Deduction details and Income Tax certificates are issued to the employees.