1. Corporate Governance
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Purpose of this policy is to make sure that Alpha Systems Pvt. Ltd. understand and act as a responsible member of society. Alpha always function in a manner that minimizes harmful impacts to society and environment. Alpha’s persistent ambition to achieve and exceed highest standards of conduct and corporate social responsibility are essential components of how we measure our success. Through Alpha’ Corporate Social Responsibility policy, standards of social behavior has been established that seek to meet and exceed minimum legal standards.

By having such standards and to live up to them is something that includes all our employees, from the most junior to our most Senior Executives. This policy clearly sets onward ASPL’s social responsibility objectives and provides guidance on the social responsibilities of all individuals associated with the company. ASPL’s primary responsibility is to ensure the long-term success of company through the adoption and management of good corporate social behavior.

In maintaining a successful social behavior strategy, company will be able to enhance our customer’s experience, continue to be innovative, possess the ability to continually invest in the delivery of new services, contribute to public and create jobs for our colleagues and others.

ASPL also participates in multiple humanitarian activities, supports educational initiatives and promotes environmental best practices in our day to day operations. Do take the time to read this document carefully. We are sure you will find it helpful.

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